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Intelligent cities are being developed all around the globe, from Barcelona in Spain to Medellin in Colombia to Songdo in South Korea. They demonstrate how technology and smart urban planning can relieve overstressed city budgets and meet the demands of rapid urbanization to make sustainable economic development possible. The result is an enviable quality of life that attracts and retains residents and businesses, creates jobs, and brings in a skilled labor pool.

The ebook Smart Cities: The Economic and Social Value of Building Intelligent Urban Spaces details how governments should design, finance, build, and operate an intelligent city for sustainability, innovation, and efficiency that can lead to a happier and more productive citizenry. Using data-driven approaches, smart-city governments collaborate internally as well as with its citizens—proactively and transparently—toward the goal of making life better for all.

In the foreword, Seeta Hariharan, General Manager and Group Head of the Digital Software & Solutions Group at Tata Consultancy Services, a global IT services and software company, shares her perspectives on the factors driving the need for Smart Cities and how to embark on the journey of Smart City Transformation.

The ebook contains examples of the latest Smart City initiatives worldwide. It showcases aspects of the intelligent city, including integrated transportation networks; smart systems for power, water, traffic and waste management; ubiquitous broadband access; safer streets and cleaner air. Finally, it shows how collaborative partnerships are the key to creating cities of the future.

TCS Digital Software & Solutions (DS&S) Group is a strategic growth unit within TCS, formed to develop enterprise customer and urban analytics software. The Group helps clients deliver relevant, differentiated experiences that make their customers’ lives better through a deeper understanding of customers’ needs in real time across their connected customer journeys. Developed by industry and urban planning experts, our pre-integrated, modular software for retail, banking, communications and cities is built on an open source, IoT-enabled platform with application modules configured to address clients’ specific business pain points within their industry and government domains. With TCS as a strategic partner, organizations can respond with agility and certainty in an increasingly uncertain digital world.

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How business professionals are using MOOCs to further their careers and help their companies and teams succeed

Since first making headlines in 2011, hundreds of universities across the world have begun offering thousands of MOOCS, or massive open online courses, to millions of students around the world. While researchers are still looking at what this relatively new technology means for education, many business professionals are already yielding the benefits.

Mastering MOOCs: Using Open Online Courses to Achieve Your Goals offers insights into how anyone can gain the greatest personal and professional impact from a MOOC. In this original in-depth ebook, Knowledge@Wharton, The Wharton School’s online journal of business analysis, addresses:

  • The ROI for MOOCs: Learn how to decide if a MOOC is a good value for your time and your goals.
  • How a MOOC can increase your value to an employer: Find out how some have found new jobs, changed careers, and received new responsibilities or promotions after a MOOC.
  • How MOOCs can help your team succeed: Discover how business leaders are using MOOCs to solve business problems as a team and to bring employees up to speed on new areas of knowledge.

Mastering MOOCs is a comprehensive guide that outlines the opportunities MOOCs offer to business professionals. Each chapter includes key takeaways that you can use immediately. It is also a must-read for those who want to know how to get the most out of a MOOC, whether to develop themselves or their teams.